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    Unanswered: Datagrids - Editing, Selecting


    If anyone could help me it would be great.

    I have a datagrid that is populated by a recordset I created.

    Can I changes values in this datagrid?, I want them to also be changed in my tables

    My main goal is to perform math using a number in one of the columns, and then return the new number.

    Can I select one of these values?, ie. the value of the column set off another query or form.

    Any examples or explanation would be great.

    Thanks Jason

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    I apologize for not specifing this is for VB6

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    It is possible to change the values of table using a data grid. actually when you change any value in the datagrid, the values will be changed in the base table also.
    But it is very difficult (FOR ME IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE) to identify the current row and column number in data grid.
    Instead I will say, you should use MSH Flex Grid.
    It is more flexible than datagrid.
    There are many events of MSHFlexGrid that you can use for the calculation. Only problem is MSHFlex Grid is readonly. So you will need some text boxex to get the data of a current cell of the grid.
    After performing the calculations you require, you can copy the data from text box to grid and then from grid to table.

    Just go thorugh the events and PROPERTIES of MSHFlexGrid.

    You will never want to use DataGrids once you use MSHFlexGrids.

    Good Luck.

    Reply me if you find some better solutions with datagrids instead of MSHFlexGrids. It will be helpful for me too.


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