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    Arrow Unanswered: Add container to DMS and rebalance of data

    Does anybody know how one can speculate that how long will it take to rebalance the data if one or more containers are added to exisiting DMS tablespace?

    UDB V8 FP 3 on windows


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    I am thinking that this might depend on the volume of data in the table which has the container addition. You could export the data and load it to a new tablespace with additional containers without impacting your users. Ensure the table is in the same schema and name it slightly different, like _new. Then rename the table when you're done loading. For an MPP db this can be done in parallel and can be fairly optimized, again, depending on the volume of data.

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    Re: Add container to DMS and rebalance of data

    If you have time, read

    this topic may not give a definitive answer on time, but very clearly explains how rebalancing happens ...

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