Is it possible to call a DB2 stored procedure in the following way?
On Win2k, I am running a third-party web component parsing jscript with windows scripting host.

I am also running DB2 7.2 fixpack 10 on another Win2k server.

From the web application, I am able to pass in sql as a string and obtain recordsets via accessing a MSVCPP 6.0 dll, which has connections to the DB2 database.

I do NOT have the ability to modify the code for this application and/or its functionality.

I DO have complete control over the database environment and stored procedures, as well as the script that is parsed by the web application.

The execute call in my jscript is:
  var strSQL = "call [schema].[procedurename]('foo','bar')";
The error returned is:
[IBM][CLI Driver][DB2/NT] SQL1109N The specified DLL "[schema].[procedurename]" could not be loaded.
Can it be done??