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    Unanswered: msmq missing messages after applying SP3a to SQL server

    Used to work fine:
    (windows 200 server, sql server 2000, JDBC driver SP2.)
    Two java processes, one sending messages (using jdbc and sql as temp storage), second is receiving and placing on msmq.

    After installing SP3a for SQL server, under high load (200 a sec) there are missing messages in msmq.
    Installed everything from scratch on separate machine, works fine until SP3a is applied.
    Any help is highly appreciated

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    Check for error messages on the box with SP3. M$ closed the hole for buffer overflow. JDBC by default is declaring @Px as NVARCHAR(4000). If you are not handling TYPEing correctly, post-SP3 machine will post something like "Invalid TDS packet sent by client" error to the log.

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    That would be where I look first. With sp3/3a microsoft modified quite a bit on the security side which has caused problems in other areas as well. Check your event logs and sql server logs. If nothing there, use sql profiler on the test machine and trap on "errors and warnings".

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    actually, i belive it was a good thing they addressed this, but a bad thing the way they did it. now the bewildered and confused jdbc coders are looking out the window and wondering if the world's really ending or it's just their code...

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