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    Unanswered: The fastest way to feed Access with Server data?

    Hi guys,

    I am looking for the fastest way to feed my reports and forms in Access DB with data from SQL server.
    So far I was using linked tables and than select queries based on them,but they are very slow.
    Much faster are pass-through queries (data I need is to "read only") and I was also thinking about using them to run procedures on the server.

    Also, what is faster:
    - to use pass-through queries to query SQL Server tables
    - to use pass-through queries to query SQL Views
    - to use pass-through queries to run SQL procedures that would select data

    Does anybody had the same problem before and have any tips/suggestions?

    Any help will be trully appreciated.

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    When possible, use stored procedures.

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    You could create a DTS package to upload your data into Access giving you local tables to work with.

    It won't give you live access to data but you can write a procedure to run the DTS package.

    Regards - Andy

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