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    Question Unanswered: XDBResource.xsd


    How could I extend the XDBResource.xsd schema with my own attributes?

    I've tried something, but it is not working.

    I wrote a schema:
    <schema xmlns="" xmlns:xdbres="">
    <import namespace="xdbres" schemaLocation="/sys/schemas/PUBLIC/"/>
    <complexType name="ApproveType">
    <extension base="xdbres:ResourceType">
    <element name="Approved" type="string" default="false"/>

    When I try to register, a get this:
    ORA-31000 : The '/sys/schemas/PUBLIC/ ' is not a xml schema document...

    I play this resource game, because I want to store extra attributes for each resource.
    How could I reach my goal? (anyway...)

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    Re: XDBResource.xsd

    Really I am not expert in Development stuff but I hope this can help you:

    ORA-31000 Resource 'string' is not an XDB schema document

    Cause: The given schema URL does not refer to a registered XDB schema.

    Action: Make sure the specified schema has been registered in XDB.

    XML API Reference - XDK and Oracle XML DB Contents / Search / Index / PDF
    XML Database Developer's Guide - Oracle XML DB Contents / Search / Index / PDF
    XML Developer's Kits Guide - XDK Contents / Search / Index / PDF
    Joel Pérez

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