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    Unanswered: Default Initialization Parameters

    Hi All

    I am trying to find out what the default initialization parameters are for an Oracle database instance. I have tried various sources metalink, www) but they do not detail all the parameters.

    Any info will be greatly appreciated.

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    Check the Server Reference Manual.
    It give a description of all parameters and default values.

    If you don't have one,

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    Default init params will not usually be sufficient for a database.
    You will have to determine your needs (number of users, number, size
    and executions of constructs (procedures, etc...)). How many
    db_block_buffers are needed, etc ...

    To get a feel for the "defaults", go thru the create database wizard
    and create database and "save to file" ... this will create scripts
    that you can run later, BUT it will create an initxxx.ora file that you
    can look at....

    OR if you have an existing database, look at the database parameters
    and look for "DEFAULT" to see what it currently running as default parameters.


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    $ORACLE_HOME/dbs has a sample init.ora file with the so-called defaults listed for various sized databases.
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