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    Post Unanswered: Running JSP in PHP

    I have a formhandler.php which takes various form data and places it into a MySQL db before running a number of email functions and then passing the form variables to a secure server.
    All that works fine, however i also need to run a jsp file which takes the form data and creates a hash. I need the hash before i send the data to the secure area.
    Is it possible to run the jsp file from within the php file and return the hash variable to the same php script before it executes the rest of the program.

    I have manged to acheive a result by using 2-3 browser calls but for speed and aesthetics i really want it to do it all in just one go.

    Many thanks if anyone has any input.

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    Just an idea, I'm not sure if this will work but try something like this:

    $hash = @include('/Path/To/JSP/File.jsp');

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