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    Unanswered: Paradox Read Only Error

    I wrote some business software in 95 using Delphi 5. It uses 5 Paradox tables located on a common shared resource (X: ) on a Win NT 4 server. Two different applications located on two seperate PCs access the tables.

    The servers hard drive finally crashed and I went over to put together a new one. I re-installed nt4 on a new server, re-created the database folder (but changed the name to something more clear of it's purpose), shares, permissions, etc and it seemed fine. Users authenticate, shared volumes are visible (readable and writable). I have the permissions set to FULL CONTROL on the shared it was before.

    The OLD directory that I had the tables in was named DB_OLD so I made a new folder called DB for the tables.

    I changed the Alias (PARADOX standard) path to reflect the folder change with the BDE administrator on the machine (Win 98) running the application.

    Now, when I try to write to any of the tables, it returns Table is read-only.

    I wonder if anyone could give me a hand in finding the error. I'm frustrated after all day on it.

    I believe this is either a BDE misconfiguration or something with NT4 but can't pin it down. ALL that changed on the application PC was the path in the BDE alias..and the path does point to the correct folder.

    Thanks in Advance.
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