Hi all,

I have three tables

tblMachine - list of machines...MachineID(PK),series
tblMast_Machine - list of mast availible for a machine.
tblMast - list of mast. MastID(PK),series

tblMast_Machine is an associative table, has a one to many relationship with tblMachine and tblMast.

now I want to populate tblMast_Machine with the different possible combination of tblMachine and tblMast using a variable the two tables have in common, which is series.

Can i do this and How......Looking at maybe writing a procedure with an sql statement that will insert data into tblMast_Machine.
I would also like the table to update itself if a new machine is entered or a forklift is entered....

Could any please guide me in the right direction.....Thanks heaps