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    Question Designer Tool including Convertion to SQL !?

    Hi guys,
    I was searching for a software with wich you can design databases,
    and I wanted a tool that directly puts this database with fkeys etc, in a sql code to create a database or just in an XML document or something like this so that it would be easy to make changes in the Grafic-model parallel to the actual Model.

    I'm not sure if something like this exists but it would be great, does anyone knows something about the existence of such a tool,
    if possible it should be a tool with demo available.

    And I'd like to have an design with 2 sides relationship naming
    an relationship should look like this (just sketch)

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    I appreciate all answers
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    ive been using DBDesigner4

    im new to all this really, so perhaps theres better out there, should do everything youve requested though.

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    In SQL Server 2000, create your schema in Enterprise Manager, then script all your objects, Primary & Foreign keys, Indexes, etc. (Tools / Generate SQL Script)

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    Check out

    it might point you to a product. There are many more.

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