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    Question How would you structure this database...?

    I am new to designing databases so I figured I would ask the professionals.

    I'm designing an application to log people in an out of a tutoring facility. The first time a student comes they will enter some information and after that they will be looked up by their last name. Each time they come in they will visit the main station to login which will timestamp when they entered and another timestamp for when they leave.

    So I guess I need to have 2 seperate databses, one with their information and some kind of id, and another with the time stamps.

    What I'm not sure of is how the database with the timestamps should look? I don't have a good way to set this up. It's probably a simple but im lost.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    mr54561 at

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    You're doing fine Mark.

    You don't have two databases, you have two tables. You have a student table and a session table.

    All you seem to need is a start and end timestamp for the session by what you yourself have said, so just put in a start and end timestamp. What does the student table have that you can use to relate the two tables. (One student has many sessions)

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