Hi guys,

I just found out that in Access 2000 subformas can not be based on pass-through queries. That basically made me to change my plan - I am building Access front-end for MS SQL server 7.0 and wanted to base everything on PT queries

What I did was: I created local table (to feed my subform) and using VBA (RunSQL, INSERT etc) I am going to Update this table everytime when main form linked with subform is open (On Open Event).

As I am not really sure how Access is acting in multi-user environment I jus wanted to ask if that won't cause any problems?
I mean let say I aopened the main form, local tables was updated and after 5 minutes someone else is opening the form on other machine - will it update my table as well (it would not be a problem of course, but people wouldn't know what is going on)?

Thanks in advance!