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    Unanswered: tree view in 97 and placing documents. Do-able?


    I'm trying to build a tree view in access97 but I don't know how to insert location nodes. Is it also possible in some way to attach (Word)documents to certain record?

    Thankyou, you guys are wonderful and have helped so much already!

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    Re: tree view in 97 and placing documents. Do-able?

    Creating Nodes in a TreeView control is a large subject, as you will appreciate. The basic theory is to create top-level nodes, and then for each add Child nodes (and even Grandchild and Great-Grandhild nodes if you want to!!)

    The creation of a node is carried out with

    TreeViewName.Nodes.Add(NodeToAddTo,Relationship,Ke y,Text,Icon)

    The parameters in brackets tell Access which node to add the new node to, what the relationship is (e.g. Child), what the unique key of the new node is to be, what the text to be displayed is, and finally the icon you wish to display in the node (these are the keys of images in an ImageList control that is linked to the TreeView control).

    Should you wish a Word document to open depending on which node is clicked on, my idea would be to make the Key of each node the pathname and filename of the Word document you wish to open. Then you can easily retrieve that when the user clicks on a node and open the document.

    I hope this has given you at least a little bit of help and good luck.
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