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    Question Unanswered: Ingres long varchar - BLOBS

    Dear All

    Does anyone know a way to get 100,00 character long text string into a long varchar field without splitting the line into 50 x 2000 long varvhar strings and concatting those together ? I dont know if this would even work as the maximum page size I can have is 64k and it looks like I need 96k. Import Assistant tells me the lines are too long !!

    All help greatly appreciated.


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    You could try the long varchar type - although this may only be available in newer releases of Ingres.

    although (and I quote from the on-line documentation for 2.6) ...

    "A string literal of more than 2000 characters cannot be assigned to a long varchar column. Details about assigning long strings to these columns are found in the description of data handlers in your host language companion guide or the OpenAPI User Guide."

    If you have access to the OpenAPI User Guide, then that may give you the answer.

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