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    Unanswered: synonyms versus schemaname variable

    The user's defauly schema is different than the target schema for sql. We are using JDBC.

    I have two options

    1) use Synonyms to point to targetSchemName.ObjectName. Requires no change to code.

    2) Specify schema name in property file, read it in Java and suffix it to Table name in all JDBC SQL stmts in Java.

    What is pros and cons of each approach and what is prefferec.


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    There can be some downside cost to using PUBLIC synonyms.
    1) There is some slight overhead involved with doing recursive I/O.
    2) If you have more than one package installed in the same DB,
    you can run into a problem when both want to use the same PUBLIC synonym to point to "their" object.

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    how about a non-public synonym?
    why not do that?
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    Go with synonyms, it gives you much more flexibility in the future.

    You could redesign the entire core schema with no noticeable effect on your application through the proper use of synonyms and some forethought into what you are creating now.

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