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    Unanswered: Data from serial connection

    Has anyone here ever tried to get data from a serial connection and put it directly into an access database table? Our company just bought a materials testing machine (breaks concrete cylinders), and it has the ability to send data through a serial cable.

    The machine comes with no software, and only mentions that the data can be access through the windows terminal. Does anyone have any links or knowledge that would get me started in the right direction.



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    Arachnoware have a control SComm which enables communications via a serial port. This is an activeX control. You will probably get further a lot faster with some manufacturers support. Failing that, try and get hyperterminal to talk to the machine and see if you can see what data in what format it is sending the signal over. Once you can see the data in some meaningful way in Hyperterminal you can work up some code to capture the data into a form.


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