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    Arrow Unanswered: Droping Log File

    I have two transaction log files, one on C drive and other on D drive. I want to drop the file from that database that is on C drive. Can anyone help me out on this with complete syntax.

    I have taken a down time of one and half hour to accomplish this task

    Here is what think

    Take a full database backup
    Take transaction log backup
    Shrinkfile using DBCC with truncateonly option
    emptyfile using dbcc or drop file using alter database remove

    thanks for your input guys


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    Re: Droping Log File

    You can do it all on EM. But the most important thing is to do a checkpoint to make sure everything is on disk, and then do a log backup. The log file should be empty, and you should be able to delete the log file from EM.

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