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    Howdy folks,

    There is probably a simple solution I am missing to this problem. I have created a form (frmLocReport) that is my control source for reports. I have option groups set up and text boxes for specifying what report will be run.

    I have done this numerous times and never had any problems.
    However, I keep getting an error message.

    The object doesn't contain the Automation object 'frmLocReport.'

    You tried to run a Visual Basic procedure to set a property or method for an object. However, the component doesn't make the property or method available for Automation operations.

    Check the component's documentation for information on the properties and methods it makes available for Automation operations.

    I have been through my queries, macros, forms and reports trying to find out where the problem is. Does anyone know what this error message means? Thanks for your assistance.

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    I've had this error a few times, usually it's due to a funny reference issue.
    • Does this error only occur when running certain reports?
    • Have you been able to pinpoint which variable(s) it's bombing out with?
    • Which component is associated with that variable? At what point does the error occur?
    • Is there any reference to frmLocReport when it should be forms!frmLocReport?

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