How do I automatically add multiple records to a seperate table, when I update/add a record in my main table? What is the easiest way to do this?

We have an access database that is a bit of a mess.
It keeps track of student information for programs & classes at our school.
1. Student Info Table contains student information, SS, name, address, what program they are taking, when they started etc.
2. Student Classes Table contains their SS (linked to the student info table) and a record for each class they are taking.
3. ProgramPackageName Table contains the list of all the programs we offer & it has a subdatasheet listing each class in each program
4. ClassNames table lists all the individual classes (which are a part of various programs)

Some programs have 1 class other programs have aprox 30 classes.
i.e. "Medical Transcription Program" includes only one class: Medical Transcription Online.
"Medical Billing Package" includes:
Medical Terminiology - class
Medical Billing Simulation - class
Medical Insurance & Billing - class

I can't only include package names - I have to list indivdual classes taken, b'c we also do custom packages - with an extra class or with one less class. The student classes table must have a seperate record for each class a student takes & start finish dates etc.

How can I automatically update the classes for the standard programs - without going in & adding each class. I.e. can the student classes table add certain predefined records when I update the "program/package" field in the student info table?