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    Unanswered: Help designing Client/Order Form (Advice Please)

    Am using A2K
    I have a large database with clients who call to order products from us.
    My problem is that too many of our clients are in the database more than
    once because the Clients Form (name, address, etc...) isn't
    what it should be (I believe)

    When a client calls to place an order, the user simply puts a new record in, instead of looking to see if the client already exists.

    Another problem is that the same client may be entered in various ways
    i.e Firstname and Lastname, or First initial and last name, etc...
    So I have job ahead of me to clean up the data.

    My question is;
    Can someone suggest an example of how a Form should be
    designed to be able to look up existing clients of which there may be many of the same (i.e. Smith)
    If 30 or 40 are found what is the best way to drill down to the correct one.
    If not found allow entering of a new client.
    and provide for data validation so that names are capitalized with the first letter only, etc...
    How do the big order processing guys do it.
    Are there any good examples around

    Thanks for any Advice...

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    Use a form with a combobox to hold the client names. The client names should be in one table and the orders in another table. Only the ClientID number should be bound to a Order record. When the client name is selected from the list, a SubForm (located on the same form of the combobox) linked to the Client should be set to recieve the order.
    If the Client does not already exist within the database, then a New Client entry form should open up so that the client information can be added. Once the form is closed, the combobox on the main order form should be requeried to contain the new name.....and so on....and so on....

    See the NorthWind database sample that comes with MS Access. It can help you.

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