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    Post Unanswered: Error backing up database to tape.

    I am trying to backup a database to tape. I'm using Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition.
    When I try to do the backup using Enterprise Manager I see the following message:

    Microsoft SQL-DMO (ODBC SQLState: 42000)
    Cannot open backup device '\\.\Tape0'. Device error or device off-line. See the SQL Server error log for more details.
    BACKUP DATABASE is terminating abnormally.

    In the Event Viewer is logged the following message:

    Event Type: Error
    Event Source: MSSQLSERVER
    Event Category: (2)
    Event ID: 17055
    Date: 14/1/2004
    Time: 10:29:20
    User: N/A
    Computer: MySQLName
    18204 :
    BackupTapeFile::OpenMedia: Backup device '\\.\Tape0' failed to open. Operating system error = 5(Access is denied.).

    For more information, see Help and Support Center at

    I can do the backup to disk normally, but I need to do to tape.

    Please, help me to solve this issue.
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    I found the solution for my problem.
    There is some pre-requisites to run/install SQL Server. If SQL Server services are running with a Domain User Account, this account must be member of Administrators or Power Users group. I put the account that are running the services in Administrators group and my problem was solved. This pre-requisite is documented in SQL Server Books On Line.

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    Don't mean to "preach" to you or anything, but I would keep backups to disk, and add a step to the job to backup the backup onto the tape afterwards. Many obvious things can go wrong if you do a direct dump onto the tape. It is also easier to restore a file from a tape onto the share, and then do a native restore from it, in case the server you're restoring to doesn't have a local tape drive. Otherwise, along with recovering the server you'll have to attach a local tape device to it, before you even get to see the backup of your database.

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