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    Unanswered: SQL 2000 Licensing for upgrade

    Currently we have SQL 7 standard server with 100 user CALs. We are planning to upgrade to SQL 2000. What happens to the CALs we have already purchased for SQL 7?
    Do we need to pay again for user CALs on SQL 2000? Or can we pay just for upgrade the server software?

    I am thankful for any clarifications.

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    I believe you have to purchase the new cals - ms calls it version matching - but I would contact ms sales to confirm.

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    I would agree with that... those MSSQL 7 CALs are only good for MSSQL 7...

    with 100 users, you're probably cheaper off buying CPU licenses depending on how many CPU's, what edition and how much user population growth you expect

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