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    Exclamation Unanswered: Help .. Primary Key in Make Table Query

    Is there anyone out here who can tell me how to set a primary key in a make table query. I need to define the field "number" as the primary ID.

    SELECT [tblReport Summary - FINAL].Month, Sum([tblReport Summary - FINAL].Received) AS Received, Sum([tblReport Summary - FINAL].[For Info Only]) AS [For Info Only], Sum([tblReport Summary - FINAL].Assigned) AS Assigned, Sum([tblReport Summary - FINAL].Complete) AS Complete, nz([Received])-nz([For Info Only])-nz([Complete]) AS Outstanding, tblMonth.Number INTO [tblReport Summary - MONTH]
    FROM tblMonth INNER JOIN [tblReport Summary - FINAL] ON tblMonth.tblMonth = [tblReport Summary - FINAL].Month
    GROUP BY [tblReport Summary - FINAL].Month, tblMonth.Number
    Primary Key = (tblMonth.Number);

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    not sure you can do it using INTO syntax

    can you run another query right after that one?

    ALTER TABLE [tblReport Summary - MONTH]
    ADD CONSTRAINT PK_Number PRIMARY KEY (Number) | @rudydotca
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    That will work just fine .... thank you very much!

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