Hi, I'm having a problem with JDBC-Oracle. I have a java app, using Tomcat 4.1, JDK 1.4, and Oracle 9i.

The sql instruction below works perfect in TOAD and Oracle SQL plus tools, however, if I execute this very same query from my java app, I get: "java.sql.SQLException: ORA-00923: FROM keyword not found where expected"

The same instruction works perfect with JDBC-MySQL also.

Here is the instruction:

insert into aplicante(cveAplicante, nombre, apellido1, apellido2, fechaNac, sexo, calleNum, colonia, codigoPostal, pais, estado, ciudad, telefono, telefono2, email, escolaridad, statusE, areaEstudios, instituto, ultimoYearE, idioma1, idioma2, idioma3, nivIdioma1, nivIdioma2, nivIdioma3, nombreEmpresa, fechaInicio, fechaFin, puestoDesempenado, giroEmpresa, paisOrigen, comentAplicante, puesto, numBateria, numEmpresa, fechaHora) values (NULL,'PEDRO','DE','RUIZ',TO_Date('1980/06/06','YYYY/MM/DD'),'F','HUHU','HUHUH','UHUH','MEXICO','Distrito Federal','Ciudad De éxico','79879','87987987','97979877','Preparatoria ','Terminado','General','JOJ',0,'Español','Francés ','no especificado','Nativo','Avanzado','no especificado','',TO_Date('','YYYY/MM/DD'),TO_Date('','YYYY/MM/DD'),'','no especificado','MEXICO','tempor44',6,0,1, SYSDATE)

The table has a secuence and a trigger, however, I have other tables that uses this, and works ok from my java app.

What am I doing wrong??

Any help will be really appreciated.
Thanks in advance.