Well I am almost there, I am now able to get data from a serial connection. When I run the module I can get the data that is being sent at that moment to input in a new row in a table.

But what I really want is to have the values input automaticaly into the table when the data is generated. Kind of like a live feed. Right now I have to manually run the module to get the data.

Here is my code. Any suggestions on how to have this work automatically?


Function GetWindmillData()

Dim myDDE, myData As Variant
myDDE = DDEInitiate("WINDMILL", "Data")
myData = DDERequest(myDDE, "InputA")
DDETerminate myDDE
If Len(myDDE) = 0 Then Exit Function

Dim MyDB, MyTable

Set MyDB = CurrentDb()
Set MyTable = MyDB.OpenRecordset("GetData")


MyTable![myField] = myData

Set MyDB = Nothing
Set MyTable = Nothing

End Function