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    Question Unanswered: Vsam to DB2 Conversion testing

    The client I'm at right now is going to convert their vsam data structures over to a DB2 db. These dbs are huge. They're projecting the DB2 db will be around 300 million rows, and take up about 15 TBs.

    The dilemma comes in testing the data integrity after the conversion. With a db this size we figure on at least a test sample of 1M rows. Does anyone know of any tools that would aid in comparing VSAM data with DB2 data.

    Don't make me go through it manually row by row. PLEASE!!!!


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    Re: Vsam to DB2 Conversion testing

    You may consider using commercial tools to achieve this ...

    For examaple, Universal Migration Facility (UMF) -

    is a customizable Conversion facility ... I think it is not available as a product, but as a service ... Though based in Europe, I understand they do this in the Americas also ..

    Well, otherwise, I cannot think of any option ... But if you come to know of some ideas, I'll appreciate if you can share this with me ..

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