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    Unanswered: 12.5.1 missing Database devices

    I've recently set up ASE 12.5.1 on a W2K3 server. I know, it's not yet officially supported by sybase. It seems to be working just aces though except for this strange new thing (so far).

    I've created three database devices (data, log, index) for database A and two devices for tempdb. When first set up, the devices are all visible to me in Sybase Central java edition. Once I assign the database devices to the appropriate segments for database A, I no longer can see any of the devices listed in Database Devices, nor can I see them if I try to add devices to other (in this case tempdb) segments. It's quite odd.

    If I create another Database Device it shows the next logical device number but after creation doesn't list either.

    I suppose I'll need to go back to scratch but does anyone have a thought or idea about this?


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    What's the status using isql ?
    Do you see your devices on sysdevices ? on sysusages ?

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    Check out Sybase Solved Case 10980133 reported as Sybase Central bug.

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