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    Unanswered: Disable Datasheet View?

    I have some data entry users that incessantly use Datasheet View to make "a custom report" ::ARGH:: and manage to remove large chunks of information.

    Any suggestions?!?

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    datasheet forms

    There are two things to try. One is to take the said form and go to DesignView, on the Properties sheet select the Format tab, then on ViewsAllowed select FORM. However, if your users are a bit sophisticated that way, make a backup copy of your entire database in WindowsExplorer. Then, take one copy and convert it to an .MDE file. When that is done users are not able to alter what is set. It prevents the Viewing, Modifying and Creating of forms, reports and modules. Make sure you create a backup first. Also in MDE files your code is inaccessible as well.

    hope this helps you...

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