I've downloaded a demo application, it seem to work with btrive 5.10a and cobol, find( runcob ), the problem is just when a start the app. this first open a DOS windows, next load btrieve, and then show a error message telling :

bath file:

error message:
This program has performed an illegal operation and wil terminated.
quit all programs, and then restart your computer.

If the program consistenly encounters problems, click the star button, then select help, Troublshooting, and 'If you have trouble running MS-DOS programs'.

Message's Detail Buttoms say:

The program tried to execute an invalid instruction

Fault location: 0720:0ED0

interrupts in service : None

end of message.

I did it on a laptop with win98.
Since it my fisrt time using btrieve, I think this could be a compatibility problem with the 5.10a.

I dont'n know if I have to configure anything, or I have all the files needed for the btrieve.
I don't know how btrive have to be installed for this demo, neither the way it work.

please anyone to help me.