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    Unanswered: function to changing ALL CAPS to A Better Way

    I receive data which I upload into a database which often comes ALL CAPS WHICH IS HARD TO READ AND DOESN'T LOOK NICE.

    Is there a function where I can format this into so the only capital letter is the
    First letter of a text string or
    The First Letter Of Each Word?



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    Assuming yourField had a value of 'TEST UPPER CASE STRING." This would return "Test upper case string."

    SELECT UCase(Left(yourfield), 1)) + LCASE(RIGHT(yourField, LEN(yourField) - 1)) AS NewString;

    Provided the string is always all caps, you could omit the first UCASE and simplify the query to:

    SELECT Left(yourfield, 1) + LCASE(RIGHT(yourField, LEN(yourField) - 1)) AS NewString;

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    Try using the strconv function - allows you to change text to Proper Case where the first letter of each word is capitalised.

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