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Thread: Is this weired?

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    Question Unanswered: Is this weired?

    I have a form and I want to let the user choose a AccountID and type in an Date, and then a query will get the result according to the ID and Date. At last the result will be put into other fields in the form.

    The question is when I do the form view, the form is blank. I can't see anything in the form. What's wrong with it? Why can't I see the content of the form even the error message?

    any suggestion?

    Thank you very much!

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    What is the record source of the form?

    Is it a query, if so please post it, better still, upload a zipped version of the db
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    If your Record Source is a QUERY, then run the Qurey alone, and see whether you get data or not.

    I think you will not get datat.
    It means your Query gets no datat from your tables.

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