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    Post SQL Help on "Update/Fetch" needed

    I am trying to formulate a DB2 SQL query:
    Requirement. Need to pick a 100 records for a particular Column value & change the value.
    Query I need:
    "update s_contact_xm set x_suppress_reason='CM' where row_id in (Select row_id from s_contact_xm where x_suppress_reason='DD' fetch first 100 rows only)

    Suggestions/workarounds appreciated

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    Re: SQL Help on "Update/Fetch" needed

    This will be entirely unhelpful to you, and I should probably send you a PM, but I have to ask where you got your nick.

    Not that I feel that I have any sort of ownership of it, but I've been using "AMUSIX" for about 15 years, and am just surprised to see someone else with the same nick. Also wondering if I should reregister my now-defunct audio production company "AMUSIX Inc."

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