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    Unanswered: converting a number to text

    Hi all,

    I've taken it on me to try and create a nice members database for my sportsclub andin doing so i ran in to a bit of a problem.

    I need a query wich will show me what members were registered
    in what quarter, for instance the members registered between
    01-01-2003 and 01-04-2003, the query i now have asks for 2 variables
    which i'm using as the month and year variable like so :


    this query works the way it should work, however since i'm more interested in quarters i need to multiply the MONTH variable by 4,
    however if i change the query to


    I won't get any results anymore not even if i pass information i know to be correct, so something is wrong with the *4

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    Look into the format function.... that will translate dates (01-month-year) into quarters for you...

    Good luck

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