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    Unanswered: cell phone internet browser

    when people access my website from a cellphone, i want them to automatically be redirected to a more simplified version (no java, no pictures etc ect. ) of my website

    I can do this with checking the user's browser correct?

    I need to have an if statement that checkes to see that it is a PC browser and an "else" statement that redirects to the simplified version.

    In the "if" statement that checks for PC broswers, what options are there? Internet explorer, netscape, mozilla.... What else?

    I don't want to miss any types of browsers and accidently redirect PC users to the cellphone version...

    Can anyone help me out

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    I used to do it that way round - then I figured it works better to just redirect the cell phone users, and display the normal page otherwise.

    I.e. if someone comes to the site and their browser does not match the filter - they will get the normal site. IMHO this is better as usually most visitors come via full browsers, not cell phones.

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