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    Question Unanswered: making MDB executable? (or restricting design changes)

    I have an Acess database that I created and use,
    Is there a way to create an MDB into some form of executable file that
    (1) a user can run without having Access on her system.
    (2) the user can use forms and reports to add, revise, delete, sort data, etc.
    (3) but the user cannot make design changes to the underlying tables, queries, forms, VBA, etc.

    as I understand it an MDE file will not accomplish #3 as it will only compile VBA.

    Most users are likely to NOT have Access on their PCs, though they will not all be novice at pc use. I may have a chance to sell this for others to use so having some sort of license key or password would be nice but not essential.

    The market for this is so small that I would lose money to pay someone to convert this into some "real" programming language and compile it. So I'm looking for a solution I can do myself, perhaps by using Access or purchasing an add on tool. this would also make updates more feasible. I actually might end up giving it away, there's interest but not paying market, but still want to restrict design changes.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


    The following post on "Making Design changes" gives some info but did not answer my questions above
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    If you have made a .mdb DatatBase and you want to make an .exe file of that DB, you should have a version of ACCE$$ called MS Developer Edition which emables you to make a setup able package.

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