I've created a table with the following fields:

[Form Id#] [Call Id#] [Analyst Name] [Date] [Q1] [Q2] [Q3] [Q4] [Q5] [Q6] [Overall Rating] [Comments] [training Needs]

It took me a while to get my form set up to do everything that I wanted it to do..opening form brings up new record entry...clicking on the submit button activates a macro that averages fields Q1-Q6 and shows the answer in a message box and then goes to a new form. This is my first attempt at setting up a database so I impressed myself up until now. What would be the best route to report the data? I would like to be able to pull up monthly info for all analysts as a group and would also like to be able to pull up year to date info by analyst. I have tried to create a report just from the table [Call log] and grouped by analyst and this gives me all records in the table which is fine for Jan and Feb but it will kill several trees in Nov and Dec. I tried messing around with a query that looked at the date but could not figure out the SQL language when I tried to build an expression..any help would be greatly appreciated.