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    Question Unanswered: problem with vb 6.0 and access 2000

    i am having a problem with a program i am working on in VB 6.0 using an Access 2000 database. on the machine i am coding it on (a windows 2000 box) the program works flawlessly, both in debug and compiled mode. however, when i compile the code and take it to the machine it is intended to be used on (Windows 95b), i get a runtime error every time i try and change anything in the database, i can access the database and read from it, but not change... it's very weird... i'm including the runtime code

    runtime error
    -2147467259 (80004005)
    operation must use an updateable query

    i'm thinking that the jet engine might need to be updated, buuuut thats cuz i don't know if that is included with the code when it's compiled (i'm a network admin... i code for fun ) hope someone might be able to help

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    I think you'll need to check with Microsoft on that one. There may be a Win95 patch required (i believe there is) to run the newer development packages.

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