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    Unanswered: Where can I get help for a booking system?

    I need to create a booking system on Access. I don't want to give all the details as I am doing this for a school project so I do not want specific help as it could be considered cheating, I just want a tuition on how to create a booking system using Access, so I can then design one for my criteria. I was wondering if anyone could direct me to any website which will give me instructions or recommend any books I should buy. Also if anyone has a booking system already set up or knows where I could download one that would probably help me more as I learn better by trying things out myself.

    Please understand that I am not being lazy and wanting someone else to do all the work, it is just that I don't have a clue how to do it and just need some guidence. I have read all the help file in Access and tried altering some on the scheduling resources wizard, but with no such luck.

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    Re: Where can I get help for a booking system?

    There is another thread here on someone making a booking system, maybe that can be helpful:


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