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    OO approach to relational databases

    Hey there guys,

    I am in the process of designing a telemarketing database for our work and was wandering whether it would be possible to take an OO approach to designing the database.

    The following tables will be required:

    - Business (stores details of business inc contact details);
    - Person (stores details of person inc contact details);
    - Canvass (stores the results of canvassing inc future action required)

    My idea is to create a business and then have the possibility to add multiple persons to that business by linking them. Then each person could have multiple canvass records linked to them.

    Do you think that such approach is efficient and can you recommend some other way of achieving similar result.

    Thank you.

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    Re: OO approach to relational databases

    Based on what you have said, the required tables would appear to be:

    Person - with foreign key to Business
    Canvass - with foreign key to Person

    Or if a Person can be associated with many Businesses then you would require an intersection table:

    Business_Person - with foreign keys to Business and Person
    Canvass - with foreign key to Person

    I don't see anything "OO" about this approach, nor do I see any reason to look for an "OO" alternative to it.

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