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    Unanswered: Precautions while migrating from asa 5.0 to 5.5

    I migrated from ASA 5.0.02 to 5.5, now i'm facing a problem with some stored procedures.

    Like, in one of the SP the programmer used connection_properties(83) which used to return connection id in asa 5.0.02.
    but after migrating asa 5.5 it is returning NULL, where as there is one more variable 93 which returns connection id in 5.5, but by replacing this my problem is not fully solved..

    thanks in advance
    can anyone tell me what are the precautions that i shud take. (greatful if it is customized to this upgradation..5.0 to 5.5)

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    CONNECTION_PROPERTY() should never return a NULL, at least return the property of the existing connection.

    If it does return a NULL, this has to be a bug in the product. I find the most stable release in that series. If you see this happening on 2817, then I guess you have no choice but to upgrade to ASA 9.0

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