Announcing "The Selector", the first in a planned series of free FileMaker Pro tools from Utopian, Inc. The Selector is a stand-alone 100% cross-platform FileMaker Pro 5.x (or greater) file that you can integrate into your own solutions in just minutes, requires no 3rd party plugins, and is absolutely free! Check out these features:

Date Selector : This feature gives your users a point-and-click method for populating date fields via a perpetual calendar that can display any month from any year.

Colour Selector : This unique feature allows you to fill a container field with colour by clicking on any of 176 predefined colour swatches (great for colour coding individual records!)

Calendar Generator : This function returns static images of 3 different calendars (last month, this month (with "today" highlighted) and next month) at 3 different sizes, ready to be pasted into your own container fields. One handy use for this feature is for displaying calendars on time-sensitive reports

A demonstration package of The Selector, including sample scripts and instructions on how to connect it to your own solutions, is available now at