Hello !
I want to save locally a recordset as xml , make changes locally to the recordset and then connect again with the database and update the database from the xml file.

i do something like this
dim cn as adodb.connection

set cn=.... ' makes the connection
dim rs as adodb.recordset
set rs=new adodb.recordset
rs.open "Select * from mytable",cn,,,adpersistxml
rs.save app.path+"\myxml.xml"
set rs=nothing

dim newrs as adodb.recordset
set newrs=new adodb.recordset
newrs.open app.path+"\myxml.xml",,,adlockbatchoptimistic,adcm dfile

then i do the changes...



the problem it shows an error message something like:

' insufficient information for the table you are going to make update or

do you have an example that does that available?
if yes please send.

also should i use the "for xml" keyword in the rs.open command ?

thanks !