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    Red face Unanswered: SQL 2000 Replication "Invalid Column Name Type"

    Hi All,

    We have installed Two SQL 2000 servers.

    DB1 (main database) configured as a distributor and
    publishers and DB2 configured as a subscriber (backup
    database). The procedures I did the replication:

    1. full backup the whole database said "test" on DB1
    2. Create a new database "test" on DB2 server
    3. restore the full backed up database to "test" database
    on DB2
    4. create transactional publishes (select all tables) on
    DB1 and "push" the articles to DB2

    The results of replication monitor for replication all
    database's table:
    1. sanpshot suceeded A snapshot of 100 articles was generated.
    2. LogReader Idle No replication are available.
    3. DB2:TEST Failed Invalid column name "TYPE"

    If I only select saying 5 articles (tables) to replication
    at the same database "TEST". That the result was
    successful without any error.

    Strange... the "TEST" database was restoring from the full
    backup (latest data) of DB1. Suppose that all the tables'
    column should be same. How come the error is "Invalid
    column name TYPE" and number is "207"

    By the way, some of "unpublished objects" including tables
    couldn't be select for publishing which is default locked
    by a "key with red cross". How can I release such tables
    (articles) allow selecting for publishing

    Any idea and help?!

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    Is it possible your trying to update the index tables with an auto-number property? The errors you get in SQL aren't always that clear...

    In stead of restoring a back-up of your production database, you could try to let the replication create the db-schema.

    Good luck

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    just to check, are both sql server of same collation scheme ? (case sensitivity )


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