I am trying to establish connection to MySQL from COBOL. for that I have used the C API provided by MySQL. like mysql-init, mysql_real_connect, mysql_close, etc...

I have the external subroutine features in COBOL to call the C API from COBOL. As per the external subroutines rules and regulations i have written the invoking routines in COBOL to call those C APIs.

my COBOL program get's compiled and works fine. but after complete execution it stores these error string int the memory variable as;

Unknown MySQL Server Host '"Ěž' (11001)€: mysql.sock (53)

It shows some unanimous charesters also.
What could be the remedy to resolve this problem.

I have almost spent 1 month after met with this error. If any one helps me to resolve this, i would be very much appriciated.