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    Question Unanswered: Configuring Health Center on AIX

    Hi All,

    I am working with db2 8.1 FP4 on Aix 5.2.

    Can anyone help me for the set up of health center on aix box.
    as at the time of installation I haven't created tools database.

    Please Guide me in sequence How to enable/Configure it.

    All Inputs are Appreciated.


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    Re: Configuring Health Center on AIX

    If you can user the db2 GUI tools like control center
    you can create the tools catalog from the tools setting menu, scheduller setting tab, defining tools catalog. Just select your system and click on create new.
    Or using the create tools catalog command

    Adam AC

    From DB2 Information Center

    Creates the DB2 tools catalog tables in a new or existing database. The database must be local.

    The tools catalog contains information about the administrative tasks that you configure with such tools as the Task Center and Control Center.

    This command will optionally force all applications and stop and restart the database manager if new table spaces are created for the tools catalog. It will also update the DB2 Administration Server (DAS) configuration and activate the scheduler.

    This command is not valid on a DB2 client.


    The node from which this command is issued becomes the catalog node for the new database.


    One of the following:

    * sysadm
    * sysctrl

    The user must also have DASADM authority to update the DB2 administration server configuration parameters.

    Required connection

    A database connection is temporarily established by this command during processing. This command will optionally stop and restart the database manager if new table spaces are created.

    Command syntax

    >>-CREATE TOOLS CATALOG--catalog-name--------------------------->

    >--+-CREATE NEW DATABASE--database-name-----------------------------------------+-->
    '-USE EXISTING--+---------------------------------+--DATABASE--database-name-'


    Command parameters

    CATALOG catalog-name
    A name to be used to uniquely identify the DB2 tools catalog. The catalog tables are created under this schema name.

    NEW DATABASE database-name
    A name to be assigned to the new database. This must be a unique name that differentiates the database from any other database in either the local database directory or the system database directory. The name must conform to naming conventions for databases.

    EXISTING DATABASE database-name
    The name of an existing database to host the tools catalog. It must be a local database.

    EXISTING TABLESPACE tablespace-name
    A name to be used to specify the existing 32K page table space used to create the DB2 tools catalog tables. A 32K page size temporary table space must also exist for the tables to be created successfully.

    When you create a tools catalog in a new table space, the database manager must be restarted, which requires that no applications be connected. Use the FORCE option to ensure that no applications are connected to the database. If applications are connected, the tools catalog creation will fail unless you specify an existing table space.

    This option will not update the DB2 administration server configuration parameters or enable the scheduler.


    db2 create tools catalog cc create new database toolsdb

    db2 create tools catalog use existing database toolsdb force

    db2 create tools catalog foobar use existing tablespace user32Ksp in database toolsdb

    db2 create tools catalog toolscat use existing database toolsdb keep inactive

    Usage notes

    * The tools catalog tables require two 32K pagesize table spaces (regular and temporary). In addition, unless you specify existing table spaces, a new 32K buffer pool is created for the table spaces. This requires a restart of the database manager. If the database manager must be restarted, all existing applications must be forced off. The new table spaces are created with a single container each in the default database directory path.
    * If an active catalog with this name exists before you execute this command, it is deactivated and the new catalog becomes the active catalog.
    * Multiple DB2 tools catalogs may be created in the same database and are uniquely identified by the catalog name.
    * The JDK_PATH parameter must be set in the DB2 Administration Server (DAS) configuration to the minimum supported JDK level.
    * Updating the DAS configuration parameters requires DASADM authority on the DB2 administration server.
    * Unless you specify the KEEP INACTIVE option, this command updates the local DAS configuration parameters related to the DB2 tools catalog database configuration and enables the scheduler at the local DAS server. Please refer to the Administration Guide for more details.

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