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    Question Unanswered: Default value in parameter-list for SELECT

    Hi guys,

    I'm porting an app from Progress 8.3 to Progress 9.1D (64-bit), and I'm having trouble.

    In the second SELECT statement, there's a column that doesn't exist in the table that I'm reading from, so the default value (date) of 11/11/1111 should be returned on a match. But how do I accomplish that?

    If I put 11/11/1111, I get error 223 reported from the database, if I put NULL, I get a 247, if I put a dummy variable there, I get 201 .....

    The '.cp'-file is preprocessed with sqlcpp, and then built with cc on a HP-UX 11 machine. I'm building a large ESQL client.

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    Red face

    Sigh, imagine what a difference a few '\' chars can do.
    The 'default date' should of course be written 11\/11\/1111, why didn't I think of that .....

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