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Thread: timed triggers

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    Unanswered: timed triggers

    I have two tables TableA and TableB with same definitions.

    I want new records in the TableA to be inserted into TableB for every 10 minutes.I want this to be done at database level not using application.
    Is it possible for implementing a trigger which will run for every 10 minutes?

    Is there any other solution?

    thanks in advance


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    You cant have triggers to run at schedules. Triggers run whenever some DML happens the base table.

    But you can achieve this by scheduling a procedure at database level using DBMS_JOB package..

    You need to do the following...

    1. Create a procedure to check the new records in tableA and then to insert the new records to tableB

    2. Then use dbms_job.submit procedure to schedule the above procedure to run for every 10mins.

    Check the documention about DBMS_JOB.SUBMIT procedure's arguments.

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