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    Unanswered: Help Meeee

    sorry about my bad English ....

    Hi all i am a new in this db put i have to find a solution i have a database by access2000 and odbc called "watan" now i have publiched a site it's present data from DB but cannot add any data it's tell me the following ERROR

    ******start error

    Error Type:
    Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers (0x80004005)
    [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Cannot update. Database or object is read-only.
    /forum/register_main.asp, line 953

    ******End error
    so - what is in the line 953 - i will tell u coze i need solution plz..

    ***** code

    'If the admin mode is enabled then add update some extra parts
    If blnAdminMode AND (blnAdmin Or blnModerator) AND strMode = "update" Then

    If lngUserProfileID > 2 Then .Fields("Active") = blnUserActive

    .Fields("Avatar_title") = strMemberTitle
    If isEmpty(lngPosts) = False Then .Fields("No_of_posts") = lngPosts
    'If the user is also the admin then let them update some other parts
    If blnAdmin AND lngUserProfileID > 2 Then
    .Fields("Group_ID") = intUsersGroupID
    End If
    End If
    'Update the database with the new user's details (needed for MS Access which can be slow updating)
    .Update '*****line 953 is here
    'Re-run the query to read in the updated recordset from the database

    ****end code

    in iis in (directory security) -> Edit -> check on annonymus access and set the iuser_username - > and allow iis to control password

    sorry for long message put i want to tell all of u my all problim

    so any one wana help me - answer or add me on msn to talk
    need it soon plz
    best regards
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    Post your code for the connection to your database.

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    Again, IUSR_machineName must have read and write permissions not only on the MDB file, but also on the folder in which it resides, and in some cases the system %TEMP% folder. See Article #2154 and KB #315456 for more information. If you are trying to access a network drive, see Article #2168 for information on setting up IUSR_machineName to connect to an Access database via a UNC share. You should also check out Article #2142 for information on opening Access in the correct mode (e.g. adModeReadWrite).

    If you are getting "unspecified error" then try running the IIS site in its own memory space or, if it is already doing so, returning it to the normal memory pool. Another possibility is the symptom described in KB #225042.

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    Dear beyond cool

    thx for help . i do what you tell me to do - it's ok now but there is something need explanation Like
    1- what do u mean by (system %TEMP% folder) and where can i get it - and how i could know that is created ...
    2- what do u mean by (Article #2154 and KB #315456) coz as i told u i am a new in DB.
    and at last everything is ok but a little more problim i published my site on an ISP it works good but when i published it on my machine with a real IP address there is some problim can't descripe so visit the both site and tell me

    ISP site ->

    my machine -> (write in your Address).

    and try to login in the both of them
    user : 5555
    pass : 5555

    u will see the different.

    Best Regards

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