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    Unanswered: Stored procedure with VARCHAR data as parm

    Hi All,

    We are facing a critical problem here. We have a COBOL-CICS program in one LPAR and one sub system that CALLS a COBOL-DB2 stored procedure in same LPAR but in different DB2 subsytem.

    The Stored procedure should pass back a VARCHAR data of about 16000.

    In the Calling program we have defined this as
    01 PARM1
    49 parm1len s9(4) comp.
    49 parmtext x(16000).

    In the stored procedure program, we defined it as
    01 LS-PARM1
    49 LS-parm1len s9(4) comp.
    49 LS-parmtext x(16000).

    But still we are not able to retrieve the VARCHAR data in the calling program ? But we are getting the data displayed in the WLM sysout of the SP

    Can anybody throw some valuable info regarding. Are we need to look for some specific compiler option for this ?

    Any help will be highly appreciated

    Thxs in advance

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    I know this problem. This is just becuase of your wrong comiple options. If you compile wrong options it limits to 10,000 bytes (max size).

    Proper compile options:

    For stay resident --- Yes option

    For stay resident --- No option

    these will limit each output parameter to 32k but try to size it to get bettre performance. Best of luck Need more help let me know.

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